This clever fan theory solves one of the biggest problems with Indiana Jones

Calling Dr Jones...


For a history professor, Indiana Jones is a pretty tough nut. He’s endured punches, falls, punches, shootings, punches and punches when, as a tenure, he could have just sat at the blackboard and flirted with his students.


He even survived an atomic bomb blast by… well, by locking himself in a fridge.

Ridiculous? Not so, says Reddit user That_Secret_Chord, who has a theory to rival even those Indy unearths.

And you know what? We believe him.

It all goes back to this scene in The Last Crusade:

Yes, Doctor Jones drank from the Holy Grail, the cup of Christ that was proven to extend your life by centuries or maybe even grant immortality. As That_Secret_Chord says:

Food for Thought: Indiana Jones drinking from the Holy Grail helped him survive unlikely scenarios, most notably the infamous fridge scene.

Think about it: not only does some form of mystical invulnerability make sense, it’s pretty much the only way Indy could have survived The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. (Even if his reputation took a battering from critics.)

Of course it doesn’t defy his death-defying feats in the earlier movies, but it helps solve one of the biggest issues in one of the best film series of all times.


As they say on the internet…