This awesome video collects every special effects Oscar winner from 1927 to today

Look at the pretty pictures


Film has always been a powerful window into other worlds, but this supercut of every VFX Oscar winner since 1927 will give you a new appreciation for the work.


If you are about to start quibbling about titles, YouTube user Burger Fiction has an explanation:

For the 1927/28 Academy awards, the award was for engineering effects. There was no award again until 1938 where it was called a special award “for outstanding achievement in creating special photographic and sound effects. The very next year the award was combined with sound effects and called the Award for Special Effects. It wasn’t until 1963 that the award became the Award for Best Visual Effects (which it is still called today). It was given every year from 1963 to present, with the exception of 1973.


Everything from Wings in 1927 to The Matrix and Interstellar is represented, and some of the shots chosen are proof – if proof were needed– that visual effects artists truly deserve their title.