This artist condenses whole movies into single photographs – and the results are amazing

Jason Shulman turns classic films into works of art


Movies are art in their own right. But this artist has turned famous flicks into the kind you can actually hang on your wall.


London-based photographer and sculptor Jason Shulman has created a series of photographs that capture the entire duration of a movie in a single exposure.

The result – abstract shapes, vivid colours and ghostly suggestions of settings and characters – is what Shulman calls the movie’s “visual DNA.”


2001: A Space Odyssey 



“There are roughly 130,000 frames in a 90 minute film and every frame of each film is recorded in these photographs. You could take all these frames and shuffle them like a deck of cards, and no matter the shuffle, you would end up with the same image I have arrived at. Each of these photographs is the genetic code of a film – its visual DNA,” he says.


Citizen Kane

Shulman has photographed classics and cult favourites, from Deep Throat and The Yellow Submarine to The Shining and Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.


The Wizard of Oz


Photographs of Films is on display at the Cob Gallery in London from tomorrow until 4th June