There’s going to be a Tinder movie

Warner Bros is swiping right on the new comedy from the writers of Friends with Benefits


If you’re a fan of films using dated pop-cultural references that quickly go out of fashion, then feel good for the future – because Warner Bros is making a film all about Tinder that’s bound to be amuse our offspring in generations to come.


According to The Hollywood Reporter the film (called Worst Tinder Date Ever) will centre on two Los Angeles people whose date devolves into a series of disasters, only for the pair to fall for one another despite the chaos. It’ll be scripted by Friends with Benefits scribes Keith Merryman and David A Newman, and will combine action elements with all the app-based humour you could ever want.

Yes, it could be the You’ve Got Mail for the smartphone generation – but just remember that You’ve Got Mail’s premise already seems a bit weird when we all actually still use email, and just imagine how odd this film will look in a post-Tinder world.


Unless of course Tinder ends up outliving us all, in which case, well, feel free to swipe left on this article.