Australian true crime thriller The Stranger has taken Netflix by storm since landing on the streamer last week – quickly securing a spot in the top 10 list and earning some very positive reviews.


The film follows undercover cop Mark Frame (Joel Edgerton) and suspected murderer Henry Teague (Sean Harris) as they strike up a close bond while the former tries to earn the latter's trust, leading to a very tense climax.

If you've watched the film and need clarification on the final moments, read on to have The Stranger ending explained.

The Stranger on Netflix ending explained

The film – which is loosely based on a true story – follows undercover cop Mark as he attempts to elicit a confession from Henry Teague, a suspect who is believed to have kidnapped and murdered a young boy.

Although Henry is initially wary of Mark, the pair strike up a friendship over the course of the film such that Mark has completely won Henry's trust by the end of the runtime.

Henry is eventually persuaded to confess when he is told that by admitting to previous crimes, he will be initiated into the criminal gang of which Mark is posing as a member.

And so Henry reveals that he was responsible for kidnapping and murdering the child, before leading Mark and his colleague John to the scene of the crime in order to remove any remaining evidence.

At the crime scene, Mark and John reveal their true identities and arrest Henry before searching the surrounding area and finding the boy's remains – giving them physical evidence alongside the confession.

The very final moments of the film see Mark break down in tears – heartbroken by the nature of the crime, and also by the fact that it could have been committed to someone who he had come to know very well.

The Stranger is currently streaming on Netflix. Check out our lists of the best series on Netflix and the best movies on Netflix – or see what else is on with our TV Guide.


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