The Rock is the ocean’s most powerful force in first look at Baywatch remake

If The Rock is on the sand, does that make it a storm beach?


If Jumanji wasn’t enough “upcoming franchise reboot starring The Rock” for you, then we have fantastic news – because the very first teaser trailers for the new film version of Baywatch have arrived, and former wrestler Dwayne Johnson is very much front and centre.


Whether he’s emerging from the sea like a Bond Girl or tutoring Zack Efron’s neophyte lifeguard, The Rock is watching that Bay like nobody’s business, and it’s great to see.

Sure, other parts of the trailer are a bit weird – Efron’s character jumps off a moving motorcycle to rescue someone, in a move which seems like it would endanger more people than he could save – but no film can be perfect. Life’s a beach that way.


Baywatch will be released in May 2017