The reviews for The Emoji Movie are all kinds of ?

Sony’s new animation has been slammed for its shameless use of “corporate clickbait” as well as its idiocy


The Emoji Movie has been completely torn apart by reviewers. ?


Despite starring a voice cast including the likes of James Corden and Patrick Stewart, the film could hardly have gone down worse.

At the time of writing, review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes has the film on a 0% rating, meaning that not a single one of the 26 reviews collated on the site gave it a thumbs up.

The Emoji Movie is set inside a smartphone, where an emoji called Gene (voiced by TJ Miller) has a glitch which allows him to use expressions other than his “meh” face.

But when Gene is threatened with deletion, he hunts for a hacker who can re-programme him and get rid of his unwanted facial expressions.

Some reviewers have criticised The Emoji Movie for its blatant use of advertising-as-entertainment. The Guardian, for example, gave it one star and a “big thumbs ?”, going so far as to call it “a force of insidious evil” and “corporate clickbait” used to not-so-subtly sell apps to kids.

Meanwhile, The Rolling Stone asked, “What’s the emoji for corporate pandering?”

Others have simply slammed it for its stupidity. The New York Times dismissed it as “nakedly idiotic”.

And The Hollywood Reporter – while it accepts that the film is “fast and colourful enough to attract young kids” – concedes that it “offers nearly nothing to their parents” and describes it as “very, very dumb”. ?