The Revenant and The Martian aren’t as accurate as you thought

And they’re not the only popular films to fudge the facts…


Sometimes, when telling a story you need to alter the truth a little – but when that truth means rewriting history or the laws of science, that can start to get a little controversial.


And so it is for the movies collected in this new video from Screen Rant, which examines some of the biggest inaccuracies in films like Oscar hopefuls The Revenant and The Martian as well as other favourites like Argo, The Hurt Locker, Pocahontas and Gladiator.


Turns out Leonardo DiCaprio’s Hugh Glass most likely didn’t have a son, Matt Damon would just have floated away on Mars and Pocahontas should probably have waited a bit longer before getting married. Frankly, we’ll never trust the movies again.