The new Baywatch posters are straight out of Game of Thrones

Summer is coming


Ever wondered what happened if Dwayne Johnson became the latest reincarnation of The Mountain in Game of Thrones? Us neither. That’s until the latest posters for the upcoming Baywatch movie were released with a strapline straight out of Westeros: Summer is coming.


And completely weather unsuitable wardrobe choices aside, a lot of the Baywatch cast could fit right into the HBO show. Here’s the aforementioned Dwayne Johnson as a potential Ser Gregor Clegane in casual wear.


Zak Efron as Gendry (one that wouldn’t need rescuing from that missing row-boat).


Alexandra Daddario as a summery Waif.


And there could even be Kelly Rohrbach playing a Cersei enjoying her annual leave away from King’s Landing.


So, until the Baywatch/Thrones crossover happens, you can enjoy the trailer for the upcoming movie.


Baywatch is in cinemas May 26, 2017