The Lord of the Rings Battle of Helm’s Deep is even more epic in Lego stop motion

The iconic Middle Earth clash has been recreated in glorious plastic brick detail and it's absolutely brilliant


Fans of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings will recall the epic Battle of The Hornburg, an almighty clash between the forces of Sauruman and King Theoden that brings The Two Towers to a close.


Informally known as The Battle of Helm’s Deep, this epic showdown sent shivers up and down many a spine when it was first glimpsed on cinema screens, so who’d have thought it would be possible to make it any more enthralling?


The creators behind Lego-loving YouTube channel KingwoodStudios, that’s who. They gave Aragorn, Theoden, Legolas and co a stop-motion Lego makeover, and the results are rather entertaining.