The Jungle Book is weird and hilarious without the CGI

A little bit of puppetry was a bare necessity


When watching Jon Favreau’s latest take on Disney/Rudyard Kipling classic The Jungle Book it’s easy to forget that what you’re seeing isn’t real.


The combination of live-action performer Neel Sethi with the latest in animation creates a seamless animal kingdom for us to explore, and the effect is both genuinely beautiful and totally immersive.

Well, until we saw how it was done, that is.

You see, a new video lifts the lid on how exactly Favreau and his team shot Sethi’s live-action scenes, and it’s very strange.

Full of blue-suited men, disembodied bear stomachs and weird googly eyes, it’s wonderfully different enough to almost make you wish you’d seen the whole thing without the special effects.



The Jungle Book is in cinemas now.