The internet’s outraged after critic claims women are “incapable” of understanding GoodFellas

Get a load of this wise guy...

A critic is feeling the full-force of the internet’s ire after claiming women “are incapable” of understanding GoodFellas.


Kyle Smith, a film reviewer for The New York Post, argued in his article that GoodFellas is a story of “ball-busting etiquette” and that women simply feel “left out” of of the 1990 Martin Scorsese classic.

Men, he argues, don’t talk to each other about the women in their lives because “that’s too real”, instead preferring to “bust each other’s balls” and “keep the laughs coming”.

He claims this is the essence of GoodFellas; that men ultimately aspire to be the film’s lazy, funny yet deadly central cast. Women, on the other hand, see Robert de Niro’s gang as “lowlifes”.

Twitter has responded with predicable outrage at the writer’s generalisations: 

The article goes on to jokingly re-imagine the mafia masterpiece as told by a woman, which partly focusses on the social services being “sadly lacking” at the time. Twitter has also been quick to point out just who the film’s executive producer was:


In the past, Kyle Smith has been described as “America’s most cantankerous critic” by Atlantic Magazine.