The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – listen to Neil Finn’s end theme

Crowded House frontman's Song of the Lonely Mountain was directly inspired by the film itself

Peter Jackson hired Crowded House frontman Neil Finn to write and record an end credits song for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and you can hear the resulting tune below.


Song of the Lonely Mountain is a mournful multi-layered piece replete with angelic vocals, clashing metallic blasts and a determined-sounding build, which captures the feel of an arduous journey.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Finn revealed that the song was directly inspired by a vocal melody that is heard in the film. He said: “The Song of the Lonely Mountain was developed from a dark and mysterious theme which the dwarves sing early in the movie.

“After some days of mining underground (actually, in Peter’s office) I emerged with the song, then set about recording it with my sons Elroy and Liam. Dave Fridmann came in at the end with a bold mix. He seemed to respond well to my demands for ‘more anvil!’ Pop music needs more anvil!”

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The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey will be released in British cinemas on Thursday 13 December.