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The Dark Knight Quizzes: How well do you know Batman?

Test your knowledge of the caped crusader to the limit with this fun-filled 20-question Batman quiz

Published: Saturday, 21st July 2012 at 5:43 pm

Batmania's running wild at the moment thanks to the release of The Dark Knight Rises, but beyond the new film, how well do you really know the black-clad crime-fighter and his mysterious friends and foes? There's only one way to find out: play our fiendish, brain-scrambing Batman quiz.


Have a go at each question and keep a mental tally (or a paper one - the choice is yours) of how many you get right, then check your score at the bottom of the page to see whether your're a caped quiz-sader (sorry) or just a bit of a Joker...

1. What was the title of the publication in which Batman made his first appearance?

Detective Comics

2. Who played the role of Robin in the '60s Batman TV series?

Burt Ward

3. Which was the only Batman film to co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Batman & Robin

4. Who did Tommy Lee Jones play in Batman Forever?

Two Face

5. What is the name of Bruce Wayne's butler, played in Christopher Nolan's Batman films by Michael Caine?

Alfred Pennyworth

6. In which decade was Batman villain Bane first introduced to comic-book readers?


7. Where did Dr Jonathan Crane, aka The Scarecrow, work in Batman Begins?

Arkham Asylum

8. What was the title of the first Batman game to be released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System?

Batman Returns

9. In which non-Batman TV show does actor Adam West, the star of the '60s Batman series, play a town's mayor?

Family Guy

10. Who is most commonly credited as the creator of Batman?

Bob Kane

11. What colour was the Bat-Phone in the 1960's TV series?


12. Who played the title role in 2004 film Catwoman?

Halle Berry

13. What was the working title of Joel Schumacher's proposed sequel to Batman & Robin, which never made it into production?

Batman Triumphant

14. Which work of literature inspired Batman villain The Mad Hatter?

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

15. What is the title of the CGI Batman TV series due to premiere on Cartoon Network in the States in 2013?

Beware the Batman

16. In which century was Bruce Wayne's company Wayne Enterprises formally established?


17. Who voiced Batman in animated series The New Batman Adventures?

Kevin Conroy

18. What is the name of Batman's dog?

Ace the Bat-Hound

19. Who directed the 1989 movie Batman?

Tim Burton

20. Besides The Dark Knight Rises, which is the only other Batman movie to feature the character Bane?

Batman & Robin



16-20: Cluemaster - Much like the Batman villain of that name, you're king/queen of the quiz. Well done.
Riddler - There's no question about it, you know your Batman.
Baffler - Not a great showing, but you're still smarter than the average henchman.
Joker - Stan Lee, by any chance? Well, not everyone's that keen on superhero trivia. Never mind. Why not have a pop at our film tagline quiz instead?


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