The Crown’s Vanessa Kirby joins Fast and Furious spin-off Hobbs and Shaw

Princess Margaret goes drag racing

Vanessa Kirby as Margaret in The Crown

If you thought Claire Foy playing a tattooed vigilante-cum-hacker was a big departure after Netflix’s The Crown, then her co-star Vanessa Kirby might just have raised the stakes – because her next big role after Princess Margaret will reportedly be in an upcoming Fast and Furious spin-off.


Yes, she’s leaving behind the tiaras and ballgowns in favour of souped-up V8 engines and assault weaponry, with Variety reporting that she’ll join Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham in the upcoming Hobbs and Shaw.

Apparently Kirby is in final talks to play the MI5 agent sister of Statham’s Deckard Shaw, following the previous introduction of Shaw’s brother Owen (Luke Evans) and mother Magdalene (Helen Mirren) in earlier films.

Hobbs and Shaw is directed by Deadpool 2 and John Wick’s David Leitch to be released ahead of another already-planned Fast and Furious sequel, and the team behind the movie are already welcoming Kirby into the fold.

All in all, it’s another exciting departure for a member of the departing Crown cast, and we can’t wait to see what’s next. Matthew Goode as the next Jack Reacher? Matt Smith leading Transformers? Anything is possible.


Hobbs and Shaw will be released in summer 2019. Don’t forget to watch the Fast and Furious movies in order