Tara Reid will back in Sharknado 4 thanks to fan votes

April Wexler is saved by fans as Hayley Hasselhoff and Paul Shaffer join list of cameos


Sharknado fans have spoken and Tara Reid WILL return in the fourth film as April Wexler.


After the third outing, fans were asked to head online to vote ‘#AprilLives’ or ‘#AprilDies’ after a falling piece of spaceship seemed to write her off for good. Luckily for the chainsaw-wielding shark fighter, the first option won out and so she’s back!

This fourth outing from Syfy – oh yes, there’s a real taste for these goofy and poorly made shark films – brings us yet more sharks and more tornados.

Entitled Sharknado 4: the 4th Awakens (because of course it is) the action picks up five years on from when the East Coast was ravaged and there were sharks in space and all that jazz. Fin (Ian Ziering) and his family have been shark-free all of this time but now there’s apparently ‘nados in ‘places (and ways) least expected’, which is pretty good going given the bizarre places they’ve popped up in the previous films. On a rollercoaster ride? Really?

David Hasselhoff is back as Fin’s dad Gil (you see the pattern here) and there are also Hasselhoff offspring joining the action: Hayley Hasselhoff arrives as Supervisor Mary Jane and Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff as Pilot Shaylin.

Plus, Sharknado continues to stuff scenes with cameos. Paul Shaffer, Chippendales Dancers, Vegas headliner Carrot Top and WWE’s Seth Rollins are among this year’s new crop. Oh, and Jedward are back, naturally.


Sharknado 4 rips its way onto screens on 2nd August at 9:00pm on Syfy