Sharknado – a film about a tornado that whips up sharks and sends them flying out to devour everyone in their path – can’t get any better, can it..?


The straight-to-TV movie starring Tara Reid has been causing a storm (sorry) in America among subscribers to the Syfy channel and was much talked about at the recent San Diego Comic-Con convention.

But how do you improve on such a seemingly perfect concept? Well, we spoke to Tara, who plays shark-fighting mum-of-two April, and she's introduced us to an idea that we’ve fondly named Dinosharknado (pause for applause).

Tara told “I don't even know if there really is a sequel. [But] there’s talk that the whole family gets together again and we go to Aspen and there’s, like, global warming as we’re skiing, all of a sudden it goes from -20 to 90 degrees and the glaciers come down and there’s, like, dinosaur sharks and they come alive again and they’re eating everyone. And because of all of the water coming down the mountain they’re like killing people in the street.”

The American Pie star admits she can’t really say her involvement in another Sharknado film depends on the script, “because it can’t be any crazier than the first one”, adding, “we’ll see”.

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That’s if they could ever get another one in the bag, as she admits it was hard to get most of the lines out – particularly because they were shooting at absolutely nothing.

“It wasn’t even green-screened. We were just pretending they were there. How they even added these sharks in the movie I have no idea. We were just shooting at things that weren’t there. Sometimes they don’t even look like sharks, I don’t know what they look like, like puppets.

“I think that’s why people enjoy it so much, because it’s just absolutely absurd. But it works, you know?”

As it goes, Tara doesn’t even think sharks flying through the air, eating everyone up in Hollywood and Beverly Hills is the most unbelievable part of the film.

“Eventually my character April is protecting her family, which is another kind of ridiculous thing, because one of my kids (I have two kids in the movie) is played by a guy [Chuck Hittinger] my age. He was in American Reunion with me. That was like the one thing that no-one believes. Because there’s no way. It’d have been like if I’d had my son at two-years-old. My kids’ ages in the movie are just hysterical. It’s funny. If sharks can fly from the sky, why can’t I have a kid at two?”

Sharknado will rip its way to our shores on August 7 at 9:00pm on Syfy.