Star Wars novel reveals name and backstory of Domhnall Gleeson’s character

With a name like this, we’re not surprised he turned to evil


It’s a long wait until Star Wars Episode VIII hits cinemas in December 2017, and we know you’re hungry for details. But never fear – we finally have the answers about the true identity of the newly-introduced character everyone’s been speculating about. The greatest enigma of The Force Awakens whose mysterious parentage has been the hot talking point ever since Episode VII hit cinemas.


Yep, you know who we’re talking about – we finally know some more details about Domhnall Gleeson’s General Hux! Very, er, exciting.

According to new Force Awakens prequel Star Wars Life Debt: Aftermath (itself a sequel to Force Awakens prequel Star Wars: Aftermath, which was a sequel to Return of the Jedi in turn, in case you were worried about the books being less confusing then the films) Hux is the illegitimate son of an Imperial officer who always believed it was his destiny to rule the galaxy, and was probably driven to evil by his horrible full name: Armitage Hux.

When the Empire eventually surrendered to the Rebel Alliance, Hux nipped on out of danger to the Unknown Regions with some other remnants of the Empire, eventually forming the First Order and presumably honing his sneer in front of a mirror until The Force Awakens came around.

Now, if we can just learn the terrible secret behind Unkar Plutt or the barman droid in Maz Kanata’s castle we’ll be totally caught up for Episode VIII.


Star Wars Episode VIII will be released in December 2017