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Mark Hamill reveals Radio Times was his weekly ritual during the filming of Star Wars

"I’d get my copy and my highlighter pen and go through it"

Mark Hamill
Published: Monday, 11th December 2017 at 3:16 pm

We've always known Mark Hamill was a right thinking kind of guy, with great taste, so it comes as no surprise that he's a fan of Radio Times.


Still, it's nice to hear it confirmed, as Hamill reveals in an interview in the legendary Christmas double issue of the magazine that buying it and highlighting his favourite programmes was a weekly ritual during his time in the UK filming the original Star Wars film in 1976.

“It was my ritual! It would hit the stands on Tuesday, I’d get my copy and my highlighter pen and go through it," says Hamill.

"I loved the way you’d not only give a synopsis, you’d credit the screenwriter, director, you’d even do that for Bugs Bunny cartoons! I love a scholarly approach to Looney Tunes.”

Millions of people around Britain will be continuing that same tradition this Christmas as they delve into the Radio Times double issue to plan their festive viewing, and they'll find the same attention to detail, expertise and passion Hamill enjoyed 40 years ago.

And among numerous other star interviews they'll also find our full interview with Hamill, in which he reveals why he never went on set for the Star Wars prequel movies and how he reacted to Trump becoming president.

The Christmas double issue of Radio Times magazine is on sale nationwide from Tuesday 12th December


Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in UK cinemas from Thursday 14th December

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