Star Wars Episode VIII director Rian Johnson reveals a brand new set photo

Filming on the follow-up to JJ Abrams' The Force Awakens is "in the home stretch"


It seems like just yesterday we were walking out of cinemas in wide-eyed wonder having seen Star Wars Episode VII but it’s almost time for filming on Episode VIII to wrap up.


At least that’s what director Rian Johnson says anyway. He’s well known for sharing sneaky set images and his latest Tumblr post features the caption “in the home stretch”.


It looks as though they’re still filming scenes on the Jedi temple planet of Ahch-To (with a certain someone’s Jedi robes set against familiar looking cliffs), but given the fact that the crew wrapped filming in Ireland a few weeks ago (and left a lovely thank you message for locals in an Irish newspaper) we’re guessing they’re filming in a studio rather than on location.

Then again, we could be wrong, the backdrop could be set at an entirely different location.


Either way, we’re one step closer to finding out what happens next. And there’s always Rogue One in December to keep us ticking over until the Force re-awakens in 2017.