Star Wars Episode VIII director releases mysterious set photo – is that the Millennium Falcon?

Rian Johnson's Tumblr snap looks rather familiar


We’ll admit it – with so little currently known about 2017’s upcoming Star Wars sequel Episode VIII (including its actual name), we’re prepared to pore over the most minor of details to work out what we can expect for Finn, Rey and the gang next time around – and so this set picture posted by director Rian Johnson on his tumblr page has piqued our interest.


Focused on cinematographer Steve Yedlin, the image also shows an interior set that appears to be some sort of spaceship, and while we can’t be sure, the design of the seats certainly looks a lot like those seen in the Millennium Falcon.

Could this be the scene where Rey flies Luke back to the Resistance after finding him on his water planet Gap Year? Is it an exciting pitched space battle where our heroes battle the forces of the First Order? Or is it a bit where Chewie spends an hour of real time recalibrating the hyperdrive?

Only 642 days to wait until we find out. The time will FLY by, we’re sure.


Star Wars Episode VIII will be released in December 2017