Star Wars: Episode VII dream cast revealed

JJ Abrams sends descriptions of his ideal actors to Hollywood agents for Disney’s first foray into a galaxy far, far away

Actors hoping to nab a spot in Disney’s upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII best start hitting the gym as JJ Abrams has now revealed his very specific specifications for the films.


Abrams, who has sent a casting breakdown to multiple Hollywood agents, is looking for a “a late teenage girl, independent, good sense of humour, also physically fit” along with a “second young female, also late teens, tough, smart and physically fit,” reports Deadline.

There’s also call for a “man in his 40s, obviously physically fit” (yes, we’re sensing a pattern).

But if you’ve seen the back of your own head more times that you’ve seen a gym, there’s also call for a “man of around 30 or so, this one is an intellectual type” (we sense he can be softer around the middle) along with a “guy aged around 70, strong opinions and tough”.

Finally, Disney and Abrams are on the hunt for a “young man aged between 20 and 25, witty and smart, fit but not classically handsome”.

The descriptions further fuel rumours that there’s to be a female protagonist. Perhaps even twin jedi teens, as the son and daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia, who have spent their lives in training with uncle Luke Skywalker.

Disney’s first Star Wars flick, Episode VII, is set to arrive in cinemas in 2015.


Original cast members Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher are said to be preparing to reprise their roles as Skywalker, Solo and Leia respectively.