Star Wars Episode 9 has a release date – and it’s much earlier than we expected

The new trilogy’s final chapter WON’T be at Christmas after all


Disney have just announced a slew of release dates for upcoming movie projects, and excited as we are for the likes of Frozen 2, Indiana Jones 5 and the live-action Lion King remake the details we were REALLY keen to see were for upcoming threequel Star Wars episode 9.


And now, the House of Mouse has revealed them – and it turns out we’ll be seeing the final chapter in the new trilogy even sooner than we expected. Unlike the Christmas-released Force Awakens, Rogue One and The Last Jedi, director Colin Trevorrow’s Episode IX will be released in the US on May 24th 2019, with UK and international releases probably set for a few days before.

In other words, Episode IX will be in cinemas a whole seven months earlier than we expected, and while the Christmas Star Wars release has become a mini-tradition in recent years it’s not a complete surprise that Disney would change the schedule. After all, the original Star Wars movies were always released in the summer, while the upcoming Han Solo spin-off (starring Alden Ehrenreich) in 2018 has already been set for a May release itself.

Still, we’ll be sad to see a Star Wars-less Christmas in 2019, along with the corresponding tie-in merchandise released in December. Christmas gift shopping for children, nieces and nephews just got a lot harder…


Star Wars Episode IX will be released on May 24th 2019