Star Wars’ Domhnall Gleeson has various General Hux toys at home, admits it looks “odd”

"I should get rid of them..."


When you’re part of a franchise that comes with toy figures of your character, it must be ruddy exciting. But Domhnall Gleeson has joked he’s probably got one too many toys of his Star Wars: The Force Awakens character General Hux. 


“No one bought me one for Christmas, but the Star Wars people sent a little suitcase full of stuff. So now I have various General Huxs lying around my apartment which looks super weird,” Gleeson joked during an exclusive interview with 

It leads to the obvious mickey taking the actor admitted, whose character is an officer of the dark side’s First Order. 

“There’s also the inevitable ‘were you playing with yourself’ jokes, which everybody comes out with…” he laughed. 

“But yeah I should get rid of them because it looks odd, frankly.”


They’d sell well on eBay…