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Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley reveals her favourite fan theory about Rey

The actress, whose Force Awakens character's identity remains a closely guarded secret, talked fan theories and the women of Star Wars at the film's European Premiere

Published: Wednesday, 16th December 2015 at 8:40 pm

Who is Rey? That's the question plaguing Star Wars fans as The Force Awakens finally hits cinemas. And they've been busy coming up with their own ideas.


Some say she must be Han Solo's daughter, while others think she's more likely to be the spawn of Luke Skywalker – but what's Ridley herself's favourite fan theory?

"That I'm Jar-Jar," the actress jokes with on the red carpet at the London premiere, giving a sly nod to the recent spate of theories surrounding The Phantom Menace's most controversial character.

Seriously though, would she rather be Han Solo or Luke Skywalker's daughter? "What?" Ridley laughs, before finding the perfect answer to one of the most difficult questions in the Star Wars Universe: "I'd rather be my dad's daughter" she grins, "he's here today and I love him".

The man who many fans believe to be Rey's father, Harrison Ford, says he avoids reading their plot predictions entirely: "I just don’t do that but I’m glad people are interested. It becomes a part of peoples’ lives and that’s for them," he tells

"I really appreciate that they have such an intense emotional interest in the film, it means a lot to me. It means a lot to everyone, but I don’t go there."

Fan theories aside, one thing we do know for sure is that Rey leads the way for a new generation of women in Star Wars and Ridley's excited about what her character can bring to the franchise.

"We've had Leia before but Rey does not come from privilege and she's just going on this amazing adventure that I think the audience can follow her on," she explains. "She's reaching new heights in a way she never imagined possible. She's kind of brave and in the circumstances she's incredibly positive. I think that's amazing."

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