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Star Wars actor Mark Hamill gets emotional as he reunites with major character for The Last Jedi

The Star Wars actor had a 'moment' when he saw his old friend in action for the first time in decades

Mark Hamill, SEAC, SL
Published: Tuesday, 13th March 2018 at 10:22 am

For Mark Hamill, seeing Yoda again an emotional moment was.


A new Star Wars: The Last Jedi special feature from the upcoming blu-ray release shows the Luke Skywalker actor as he reunites with the pointy-eared Jedi Master, and he finds himself off balance.

"Oh my God," Hamill says to director Rian Johnson as he watches voice artist Frank Oz hard at work with his Yoda puppet. "It's really getting to me."

But instead of the classic quote "look I so old to young eyes?" it is the other way around: Hamill thinks the years have treated Yoda well. Luke Skywalker, not so much.

"I'm still upset he hasn't aged a day," he quips. "And I've aged tragically."

Oz is so caught up in Yoda mode that he doesn't realise he's being observed until he's warned there are spies around, and then the spell is broken.


But for those few moments when Hamill saw his old Master in operation for the first time in decades it must have been unexpectedly surreal...


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