Spider-Man star Tom Holland found out he’d got the role via the Marvel website: “I thought they would call me at least!”

He also has a fun story about meeting Robert Downey Jr


When you land a new job you generally expect a phone call, maybe even an official letter, to give you the good news. What you don’t expect is to read about it first on the internet.


But that’s what happened to Tom Holland, the star of Spider-Man: Homecoming, the latest reboot for the web-slinging saga.

“It was a crazy process,” says Holland, who was one of 1,500 actors originally up for the role. “The further I got down the line the more I really wanted the job and every day was searching the internet for any bit of news of casting.

“After about five or six months of auditioning Marvel posted on their website that I was the new Spiderman. I thought they would call me at least!

“Marvel apologise about it all the time and I think they told me not to tell anyone,” he reveals on this week’s Graham Norton Show. “I have been travelling the world telling that story over and over again!”

But that wasn’t the only shock he got during the audition process. Meeting one of his co-stars proved a bit confusing, due to a case of mistaken identity.

“I got very nervous about meeting Robert Downey Jr as I have been a fan of his my entire life,” says Holland. “And when I met him I was thinking, ‘You look different in person, something isn’t quite the same’. And then Robert walked in and I realised I had been chatting to his stunt double!”

Holland is joined on Graham Norton’s sofa tonight by Mark Wahlberg, Sienna Miler, Woody Harrelson, Andy Serkis and Alison Moyet.


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