So this is how Poe Dameron escaped from Jakku in The Force Awakens

Mystery solved!


While The Force Awakens answered many questions for Star Wars fans, many more remained a mystery. Like just how did Poe Dameron escape apparent death on Jakku and miraculously reappear to forge one of cinema’s greatest b(romances)?


In fact, the answer was presented to us several months ago when Alan Dean Foster’s novelisation of Star Wars: Episode VII was released to coincide with the film. But you know the great thing about the internet? It likes to remind us of things we might have missed. 

In the case of Oscar Isaac’s heroic pilot, filmgoers were merely told that Poe was “thrown from the crash” on Jakku but the novel expands the story with a spot of concussion, memory loss and a scavenger named Naka – a subplot that is explained in this handy video from YouTube channel Star Wars Minute.


Thanks, internet.