So, Ilvermorny’s sorting ceremony and The Voice are basically the same thing?

Twitter has noticed some striking similarities...


Since JK Rowling revealed the history of North American wizarding school Ilvermorny yesterday, it’s pretty much all we’ve thought about. Isolt’s desire to attend Hogwarts, William the Pukwudgie, those blue and cranberry robes…


But fans on Twitter are preoccupied with something else entirely: the fact that the sorting ceremony for “the most democratic, least elitist of all the great wizarding schools” resembles the first round of a popular entertainment format.

We’re talking about the blind audition round in The Voice.

You know, where a potential star takes to the stage and performs, until one or more of four judges turns their chair around and claims them for their team. If you can’t see what that’s got to do with Ilvermorny’s sorting ceremony, well, you’d better read JK Rowlings words one more time:

“Marble statues of Isolt and James flank the front doors of Ilvermorny Castle. The doors open onto a circular room topped by a glass cupola. A wooden balcony runs around the room one floor above. Otherwise the space is empty except for four enormous wooden carvings representing the houses: the Horned Serpent, the panther Wampus, the Thunderbird and the Pukwudgie.

“While the rest of the school watches from the circular balcony overhead, new students file into the round entrance hall. They stand around the walls and, one by one, are called to stand on the symbol of the Gordian Knot set into the middle of the stone floor. In silence the school then waits for the enchanted carvings to react. If the Horned Serpent wants the student, the crystal set into its forehead will light up. If the Wampus wants the student, it roars. The Thunderbird signifies its approval by beating its wings, and the Pukwudgie will raise its arrow into the air.

Should more than one carving signify its wish to include the student in its house, the choice rests with the student. Very rarely – perhaps once a decade – a student is offered a place in all four houses. Seraphina Picquery, President of MACUSA 1920 – 1928, was the only witch of her generation so honoured, and she chose Horned Serpent.”

Yeah. So now we’ve noticed it, we can’t un-notice it.


Perhaps Rowling is a secret die-hard fan of the talent show…