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Six things Harrison Ford could do with eight weeks off Star Wars

From mindfulness courses to Tarot Card reading the Star Wars actor could make good use of his two months recovering from an injured ankle... logo
Published: Monday, 16th June 2014 at 10:53 am

It looks like actor Harrison Ford could be out of action on the Star Wars: Episode VII movie for around eight weeks after injuring his ankle on set last week.


The door of the iconic Millennium Falcon is said to have caused the injury, which resulted in Ford having to go to hospital.

Filming schedules are apparently being juggled around to allow the Han Solo actor time to recuperate properly. “At the moment it looks like Harrison is going to be off set for 6-8 weeks, but the main priority is making sure he is OK,” a source tells the Mirror.

Indeed, the priority is for the actor to recover. But while he’s resting up, perhaps Ford could put the eight weeks to good use. Forget learning lines, here’s six things Mr Ford could achieve in eight weeks...

Mindfulness course

In just eight short weeks Mr Ford could complete a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course in sunny Bournemouth. The course is said to use yoga and other group activities to cultivate awareness and reduce stress. According to the website it’s perfect for newcomers and only takes an hour a day. Including filling out a personal log diary. Peachy.

Security Guard Training

While Ford’s busy recuperating he could add another string to his bow – Security Guard Training. Yep, Mercury Training Services offer a handy eight-week course to get the job done. The West Midlands based training programme also offers a five day Door Supervisor Training course… too soon for door jokes?

Tarot Magick

Ford could even kick back and learn from home with this Tarot Magick online course. Offered by the Bronze Dragon International Training Centre, Ford could learn how to “use the Tarot for divination, journeying, manifestation and changework”. If Ford wanted to spend a bit of time with trainer Phil Callaghan, he’d have to make his way to York, or save a £100 and opt for a bit of self-mentoring. Who needs the Force, eh?

Train a puppy

What better way to spend eight weeks than showing a young pup the ropes? If Han Solo can handle a Wookiee, he can surely get a young fuzzball to do as he’s told, right? He can probably sit down and do it, too. Let the dog do all of the running. Dave Shaw Dog Training Services, in Worcestershire, offers the eight-week courses. It’s only on Monday and Thursday evenings too. We'll start short-listing some good dog names...

Professional Make up Artist Course

Mr Ford could save director JJ Abrams a few bucks and train up as his own professional make up artist. LHA Academy’s eight-week London based course teaches everything from skin care to period and bridal make up. It’s like it was made for the Star Wars actor.

Get toned


Forget eight weeks, Ford could chill out for two weeks before whipping on a Slendertone Flex Max. According to the website, firmer and flatter stomach muscles will be visible in just six weeks. There are ten programmes to choose from as well as 130 different intensity levels. We'd tell him the odds of firmer muscles and that, but he hates knowing the odds.


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