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Sharknado 3 is heading to Orlando, not London

After Sharknado 2, star Judah Friedlander talked us through the weather patterns of a Sharknado and why London needed to look out. But we’re safe. For now… logo
Published: Tuesday, 21st October 2014 at 9:47 am

The third film in the Sharknado franchise has set its destination: from DC to Orlando, Sharknado 3 will take on the East Coast of the US.


If you’ve missed the phenomenon of the first two films – which have pulled in huge viewing figures for Syfy both here and in the US – that means America is once again going to be showered with killer sharks as they fly out of tornados.

Yes, you read that right.

The news was revealed on the film’s official twitter page, joking that the East Coast is about to become the "Feast Coast".

But while we’re of course excited that this so-bad-it’s-good franchise is getting its third outing, we were all set for it to come to London.

After all, Judah Friedlander (who appeared as Mets-loving Bryan in the second film) talked us through the movements of a Sharknado

“If you just look at the phenomenon of the Sharknado, if you look at this scientifically…” Friedlander explained, using a Sharknado poster as his teaching aid, “This is serious. This is a serious film.

“If you look at the Sharknado scientifically, it started out on the West Coast of the United States on the Pacific Ocean. Going further west it would have hit Hawaii, Asia… but it didn’t. It hit New York next. Which means it’s travelling east and that’s the Atlantic Ocean. The next major metropolitan area in the Atlantic is England, is London.”

We were ready for this. We’d been storing up our chainsaws and everything.


But it’s over to the East Coast residents to battle this one. Casting hasn’t been confirmed, but let’s hope for Orlando’s sake that Ian Ziering is back as Finn. He's been eaten by a shark and isn't afraid. Tara Reid (with a chainsaw for a hand) needs to be back by his side and, of course, Friedlander who wants to be in “all of the Sharknado films”.


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