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Seat kicking annoys cinemagoers more than anything else

Talking during the film and using mobile phones are beaten by a classic annoyance in a poll of nearly 3,000 people

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Published: Tuesday, 13th August 2019 at 10:00 pm

Picture the scene: you’ve bedded down in your cinema seat as you sit gripped by an intense plot, when suddenly you’re jolted back to reality by someone kicking your seat. 


Sound familiar? Well, if you’ve ever been left fuming at a fidgeting cinemagoer then you’re not alone. 

The long-legged and those unable to sit still need to listen up, because our survey of more than 2,700 global users revealed it’s the habit cinemagoers kick off about the most, topping our ranking of the top 10 with 30 per cent.

In a close second place of movie annoyances was talking, which attracted nearly a quarter of votes. However, despite our growing obsession with technology and constant FOMO, it seems we are able to let go of our precious smartphones during a visit to the cinema, with only 15 per cent saying phone use was the most annoying habit. 

Eating noisy food (like crisps) attracted more than 7% of the vote with a similar number of people being peeved by those who sit in the wrong numbered seat and then refuse to move.

Just over 5% of people chose to highlight those who walk in and out over and over during a film and people spreading out a little too much ahead of kissing and cuddling in the seat next door (3.2%), eating excessively smelly food (2.9%) and slurping drinks (1.6%).


So next time you’re flinging a leg around and twisting into a new position, maybe think about how unimpressed the person behind you is and book a front row seat… or alternatively just wait for the DVD release. 


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