Rosamund Pike practised Gone Girl sex scenes with a Dora the Explorer doll

Don't let your kids hear about this...


Any parents considering letting their young children stay up late in front of the TV this Friday night should probably think again, as a certain revelation on The Graham Norton Show might just scar them for life.


Gone Girl star Rosamund Pike tells a story about how she learned to cut someone’s throat for the role of murderous Amy Dunne by practising with a Stanley knife on animal carcasses. But that’s not the part we have in mind. No, it’s when she reveals that she also rehearsed her sex scenes – with help from a certain well-loved kids’ TV character…

“I’d never cut anyone’s throat,” says Pike, “so I went to a local butchers and with great determination set about the carcasses with a Stanley knife in full view of customers.”

And to perfect her sex scenes? “I rehearsed with a Dora the Explorer doll in my back yard, probably in full view of the neighbours!”

At least Boots the monkey wasn’t there to see it…


Rosamund Pike appears with Chris Martin, Michael McIntyre and Andrew Lloyd Webber on The Graham Norton Show at 10:35pm on Friday 11th November