Room, with a view: director Lenny Abrahamson’s commentary on a wonderful scene from the Oscar-nominated film

In this exclusive extended clip, Abrahamson shares the sweet story of how he had to convince 8-year-old Jacob Tremblay to shout at his co-star Brie Larson during a scripted argument


Room, the big-screen adaptation of Emma Donoghue’s multiple prize-winning 2010 novel, has been nominated for four Oscars — and everyone’s talking about it. The movie tells the story of  five-year-old-Jack (Jacob Tremblay), born and confined to the basement of an unnamed captor, where he lives with his seven-years imprisoned mother (Brie Larson).


In this exclusive video, director Lenny Abrahamson narrates a scene in which Jack gets angry at his mum. It wasn’t an easy part of the film to make because, adorably, the 8-year-old Tremblay didn’t want to shout at Larson. “It’s rude to shout — and I like her,” he whispered to the director…


Watch the clip below. Room is in UK cinemas from 15th January.