Ron Howard tweeted the “most revealing image I dare share” from the set of Han Solo movie

The film's new director teased Star Wars fans with a cryptic shot after his first day on set


Fans are thirsting for more information on the Star Wars standalone Han Solo movie – and now its new director Ron Howard has stepped in to provide as much info as he can.


Filming was suspended after the shock departure of directing duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, but now Oscar winner Ron Howard has taken over the reins it seems the Millennium Falcon is back in business.

So what can we get from this? Admittedly very little – but here is our best attempt.

  • The team are staying hydrated on set. This could be key to a good movie because drinking lots of water is very important.
  • Unless the water is actually a prop! Has the Star Wars universe discovered bottled water? Is Han Solo a water smuggler? Hopefully the Star Wars universe has sorted out its plastics problem and isn’t just creating a bunch of polluting space junk.
  • It looks like Ron Howard is wearing heavy-duty steel toe cap boots to protect his feet. So things must be pretty dangerous on set with lots of heavy props.
  • Or they could simply be hiking boots, in which case maybe the set is REALLY BIG and he has to hike across it.
  • There is a dusty footprint. Is Ron creating some kind of desert scene? Or has a crew member just got ancient shoes?

Ron’s teaser may be frustratingly cryptic, but at least he didn’t make the Wookie Mistake of releasing actual spoilers…

The Han Solo movie is scheduled for release in May 2018