Robin Williams impersonator goes viral with ‘screen test’ for possible biopic

This is Mork calling Orson - sort of.

jamie costa robin williams

If you’re going to make your pitch to play the late, great, Robin Williams then you can’t do much better than this.


Budding actor Jamie Costa has firmly thrown his name into the mix by uploading a video of him acting like the man himself and to say that the similarities are uncanny would be something of an understatement.

The video, which is below if you want your mind blown, shows Costa portraying Robin Williams – who passed away in 2014 – back in 1982 when he was about to finish working on the hit TV comedy, Mork & Mindy. Wearing the iconic colourful jumper, he then acts in character as Robin and everything is just perfect – the look, the mannerisms, the voice…

Costa first shared the 5-minute clip – directed and edited by Jake Lewis and also starring Pam Dawber as Sarah Murphree – on his YouTube channel on 11th October and it has since been viewed over 800,000 times after being circulating by fans on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Costa not only nails the offbeat comic stylings of Williams in the clip, but also shows that he has no trouble mastering the dramatic side of the man’s talents too.

The clip sees Robin receive some bad news about his friend, John. The “John” in question is another brilliant comedy genius, John Belushi – Williams and Belushi were close friends and he and Robert De Niro were two of the last people to see Belushi alive prior to his death from a drug overdose.

The bad news is that there’s no Robin Williams biopic officially in the works – yet. Costa’s clip was intended as an unofficial ‘screen test’ to drum up interest in such a project – and going viral certainly won’t have hurt the chances of it happening.


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