Rian Johnson’s latest Star Wars Episode VIII behind the scenes snap is the most exciting yet

Are you ready?


Rian Johnson’s latest Instagram post is a good one: he’s started editing Episode VIII. 


Oh yes Star Wars fans, we might have a way to go until the film hits our screens, but the director is getting down to the business of deciding exactly what we’ll see come December 2017. 

Fans have been sending messages of encouragement – “There is no try… only do” – and sharing how much they wish they could be in the room assisting him. 

Some have likened his chair to the Iron Throne, others have taken to simply detailing exactly what make and model it is (home improvements?) while others have just been yelling (well, using capital letters) to urge him to “MAKE IT AWESOME”. 

Meanwhile, news came this week that John Williams will score Episode VIII


Star Wars Episode VIII will be released in December 2017