We’ve been waiting thirteen years, but finally we got our sequel to Love Actually.


It might have been short, but it was a funny, poignant tribute to the much-loved Richard Curtis romcom. Here’s what has happened to some our favourite characters in Red Nose Day Actually…

Juliet, Peter and Mark (Keria Knightley, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Andrew Lincoln)


Yep, those cue cards were back. As the doorbell rang again at Juliet and Peter’s house, Mark was standing on the doorstep trying to insist he was a carol singer. “He’s not going to believe that, it’s March,” said Juliet as Mark played Silent Night (did he not get this March memo at all?) on a totally retro iPod dock and asked what she thought of his facial fuzz.


We found out that Juliet and Peter were still very happily married (awh) and that Mark hasn’t done too badly himself. After saying he was going to marry a model, it turns out he did in the shape of Kate Moss. Mossy put in a nice cameo herself as she sidled up with her own cue cards and confirmed that no, she doesn’t really like her husband’s beard either.

The Prime Minister and Natalie (Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon)


It turns out that the PM had been re-elected into Downing Street. After five years out of office, he was voted back in. Jo Whiley dedicated Drake’s Hotline Bling to him, prompting an altogether more sultry dance performance from the country’s leader.

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There was a lot of shimmying as he recreated the moves from the video – well, until he fell down the stairs and hurt his arm. He is now married to Natalie and is still giving heart-warming and impassioned speeches during press conferences to the nation. What happened to Billy Bob Thornton’s US President remains a mystery.

Billy Mack, DJ Mikey and Joe (Bill Nighy, Marcus Brigstocke and Gregor Fisher)


Thirteen years on and Mikey is still working at Radio Watford. And Billy Mack is still plugging cheap cash-in charity singles – this time a cover of ZZ Top’s Give Me All Your Lovin’, with the word Lovin’ changed to Money. He’s only doing this because his autobiography (which he hasn’t actually read) called Macknificent is coming out and he needs the publicity.


However there was some sad news. His manager Joe who had “a big heart” died from a big heart attack, leaving a big hole in Billy’s life.

Rufus (Rowan Atkinson)

Rufus hasn’t fared too well selling posh jewellery. Instead of still working in the luxury sector, he is now behind the counter at Sainsbury’s flogging red noses to children for £1. He is still taking his job very seriously and spending a long time gift-wrapping his noses.


Tissue paper goes into the presentation box along with the nose which is then placed in “so much more than just a bag” alongside jelly beans, a bit of glitter and yoghurt-coated raisins as a queue forms across the carpark.

Jamie and Aurelia (Colin Firth and Lucia Moniz)

After proposing in the restaurant, Aurelia is now “inhabit with me in England,” as Jamie suggested all those years ago. The pair are now happily-married with three children, Jamie is still wearing turtle neck jumpers and his Portuguese has come on leaps and bounds.


It’s still not perfect, though. When Aurelia tells him the news that she’s pregnant for the fourth time, he replies that he wants rice with it because he’s getting a bit tired of stir fry. Oh, Jamie!

Daniel, Sam and Joanna (Liam Neeson, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Olivia Olson)


Daniel is still spending his days sitting on park benches looking melancholic, but his son Sam is now 26 years old and spending time in New York. He flew back to surprise him with news of his love life.


He is now dating Joanna – the girl he wanted for Christmas when he was 12 years old. They met up in New York and now she’s in London to ask Daniel if she can marry Sam. He said he was thinking about it, but we never got a proper answer. We’re taking it as a yes.