Pope Francis is now an actor with a movie launching at the Cannes Film Festival

No, really. Pope Francis plays himself in the first papal feature film appearance


In this weird world in which we live, Pope Francis has become an actor and has a movie launching at Cannes Film Festival. That’s right – the actual pope has filmed his first acting role.


Production has wrapped on the religious movie Beyond the Sun, in which Pope Francis appears as himself. It will launch international sales at the Cannes Film Festival which begins later this month, according to Variety.

Unsurprisingly, the is the first time that a pope has ever appeared in a feature film. And it was all the pope’s idea in the first place.

Film studio Ambi Pictures announced the project last year after the Catholic religious leader asked the filmmakers to develop a movie for children “that communicates Jesus’ message”.

To sweeten the deal, he said he was willing to participate in the movie, with all profits going to two Argentinian charities supporting at-risk children and young adults.

The movie, written and directed by Graciela Rodriguez, follows a group of multicultural children who emulate aspects of the apostles.


Sure, Pope Francis has appeared in documentaries before. But this first film role really livens up his IMDb page. There’s nothing like being an up-and-coming actor at the age of 80…