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Pixar reveal Elastigirl will be the focus of The Incredibles 2

The super-stretchy superhero will be the main character in the animated sequel

Published: Saturday, 15th July 2017 at 10:12 am

Pixar have released plot details of the sequel to 2004's The Incredibles, and this time Helen Parr, along with her alter-ego Elastigirl, will lead the action.


Whereas the original picture followed her husband – the super-strength Mr Incredible – as he balanced life between his family of superhumans and his own desire to be the hero, The Incredibles 2 will see Mrs Parr as the protagonist.

Director Brad Bird revealed during the Pixar and Disney Animation panel at Disney’s D23 (as reported by EW) that the movie, slated to be released in June of next year, would see Elastigirl in her own adventure. He also said this would start just after the events of the first film.

But just how far the mission stretches her, we’re not sure. Bird didn’t reveal much detail on the film’s main character, but did say that Mr Incredible would be left at home to watch son Jack-Jack.

He then presented a short scene from the film, showing Mr Incredible sleeping on his couch with son Jack-Jack on his chest. The baby isn’t asleep, however. He’s transfixed by an old cops and robbers movie on the TV and jumps off his dad to get a better view. It’s then he sees racoon outside, an animal bearing a strong resemblance to the thief in the film.

Cue the shenanigans: first Jack-Jack uses a mysterious power to transport himself through the back door. Then he starts a fight with the racoon, firing lasers from his own eyes, before multiplying into five Jack-Jacks. That's a whole load of super-babies.

Apart from this sneak preview, Bird also revealed that all the voice actors from the first film would return to their roles, with one notable exception: Dash. As the original voice actor Spencer Fox no longer sounds like a 10-year-old boy, they’ve brought in child actor Huck Milner to voice the speedy son.

Milner joins a voice cast of Holly Hunter (Elastigirl), Craig T. Nelson (Mr Incredible), Sarah Vowell (Violet), Samuel L. Jackson (Frozone) and John Ratzenberger (The Underminer).

Bird also said he’ll return to voice Edna Mode. You know, the vertically-challenged fashionista who designs outfits for supermodels and superheroes alike? Don’t worry if you’re a bit hazy: Bird gave the audience this clip featuring Kendall Jenner and Heidi Klum to remind you.


The Incredibles 2 will hit cinemas June 15, 2018


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