People are comparing Melania Trump’s inauguration outfit to a Harry Potter character

Can you guess which one?


When your husband is sworn in as the new American president, you want to look the part. So with the world’s eyes trained on Donald Trump, his wife Melania stepped out in a powder blue get-up that commentators were likening to iconic First Lady Jackie Kennedy.


We imagine Melania was pretty chuffed with that comparison. She’s probably not so keen on the suggestion that her outfit bore more than a passing resemblance to a school uniform. And not just any school uniform…

Twitter users watching the presidential inauguration were quick to spot the similarities between Melania’s dress and the pristine outfits worn by the students at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. You know, the wizarding school featured in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter book The Goblet of Fire. Yeah, that one.

The resemblance, of course, sparked a hoard of Twitter memes.

And as viewers pondered why Fleur Delacour had made an appearance in Washington DC…


… the question remained, if FLOTUS really has been trained by Madame Maxime, what plans does she have for us muggles?