Our first taste of Emma Watson singing in Beauty and the Beast comes from a very strange source…

Fans pressed the "try me" button on a Belle doll and there was Something There


Want to hear the first teeny-tiny snippet of Emma Watson singing in Beauty and the Beast? Be our guest.


No audio has been officially released, but fans have stumbled across a Belle doll in toy shops already – and it actually sings. More specifically, it sings Something There, the number from later in the film after Belle has started to fall for the Beast (Dan Stevens).

So is that actually Emma? Well, one of the film’s producers, Jack Morrissey, has posted this fan-made recording on Instagram:

Morrissey’s post confirms fans’ suspicions: that IS Emma Watson’s voice in the Belle doll.

Here’s a smoother, less tinny clip…


 Beauty and the Beast will be released on 17th March 2017