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Orange Wednesdays ends today and the internet is very upset

The "final credits will roll" on the two-for-one cinema deal today after new owner EE said it was "time to move on". But users aren't happy, not happy at all...

Published: Wednesday, 25th February 2015 at 3:45 pm

This is not a drill: Orange Wednesdays comes to an end tonight. Tonight. Mobile company EE (who now own the provider) announced its plans to end its weekly two-for-one cinema deal last year and today, February 25th 2015, is the day it will "move on". 


EE said that after more than a decade of the promotion – which enabled users to buy two cinema tickets for the price of one mid-week – "customers' viewing habits have changed". 

New entertainment rewards are promised in the future, but Twitter was not happy about the decision then and –judging by today's trending #OrangeWednesdayMemories – it's not happy now...

Some are pretty sure it's the end of the cinema as we know it

For others it means no more cinema trips with mum...

Elsewhere there's been some crying in the corner

Some note that it really couldn't have been worse timing

Even those unaffected are horrified

Regrets are pouring out

For some, life is simply over

Date plans are flying out of the window

Those with their unlimited cinemas passes are feeling rather pleased with themselves

Devastated is NOT the word

This pretty much sums it up


Bye bye old friend, bye bye


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