One Star Wars fan has discovered even more Easter Eggs in THAT Force Awakens flashback scene

More Yoda, more Obi-Wan – and is that the Emperor?


One of the trippiest segments of last Decembers long-awaited Star Wars sequel The Force Awakens was Rey’s (Daisy Ridley) “forceback” scene, in which she touched Luke Skywalker’s old lightsaber and experienced a number of visions related to the original Star Wars trilogy.


Listening in the cinema we heard the breath of Darth Vader, the wisdom of Frank Oz’s Yoda, a scream from Luke and the voices of two Obi-Wan Kenobis, with a recording of Alec Guinness alongside a newly-returning Ewan McGregor. We even saw the corridor where Luke and Vader had their climactic battle at the end of Empire Strikes Back, just for a moment.

Basically it was very exciting and revealing, and we had all sorts of theories about what it all meant. But now thanks to Star Wars fan Mike Zeroh it seems that there might have been even MORE voice cameos and secrets that we didn’t spot the first time around, stretching back as far to the prequel trilogy and unnoticed by everyone – until now.

According to the new video and audio analysis above (you have to skip to about 57 seconds in before it gets to the main meat of it), other lines in the force vision include one of Obi-Wan’s speeches about the Dark Side from The Empire Strikes Back as Kylo Ren killed a Jedi youngling (“You will be tempted, but you can not control it”) as well as the Jedi Master saying “The Force will be”.

The new analysis also finds a scream and the words “any Jedi” from Ian McDiarmid’s Sith Lord Emperor Palpatine, the latter quote coming just as the scene cut back to Rey in a possible hint about her own past.


Later in the video there’s an even clearer version of the audio without the pictures, so plug in some headphones and listen closely – you might just learn something. And if you can’t hear, never mind. We’re sure there’ll be plenty more secrets from The Force Awakens revealed as time goes on.