Olivia Colman was forced to get in touch with Wikipedia to have her entry changed

The Favourite actress says she found it "really upsetting" that the online encyclopaedia had her age listed incorrectly

Olivia Colman (Getty)

Olivia Colman wrote to Wikipedia to have her entry changed after the online encyclopaedia listed her as eight years older than her actual age.


Chatting as the first guest on David Tennant’s new podcast, the Oscar-nominated star of The Favourite explained that she had originally posed as an old school friend to avoid appearing “so vain”, but eventually revealed her identity and told the site their mistake was “really upsetting”.

“Once, on Wikipedia, they had my birthday as the wrong day, the wrong month, and eight years before I was born,” she told the Doctor Who star.

“I emailed them, pretending it wasn’t me. [I wrote,] ‘I was at school with her and that’s not her birthday.’ I didn’t want them to think I was being so vain.

“I didn’t get a reply, and wrote again going, ‘Sorry guys, but I know it’s wrong.’ And they didn’t reply.

“So I said, ‘Actually, this is me, and it’s really upsetting me that you’ve made me eight years older than I actually am.’

“And they said, ‘We’d have to see a birth certificate to prove it,’ and I went, ‘Whose f***ing birth certificate have you looked at in the first place to make me eight years older?’”


Colman’s date of birth was eventually changed to the correct one, 30th January 1974, but she joked to Tennant that she should have claimed to be younger.