Of course Star Wars fanboy John Boyega is excited by this Star Wars graffiti in Brazil

The Force Awakens star was pretty stunned to find out a likeness of Finn is on a wall in the South American country


What happens when you’re cast in a huge, global phenomenon like Star Wars? You get painted on a wall, apparently.


Yes, Star Wars: The Force Awakens actor John Boyega was pretty stunned to learn there’s a painting of him on the side of a building in Brazil.

It’s difficult to call the painting of his character Finn graffiti as it’s so blooming good. ‘Wall art’ is what I think we’ll go with. Not that we’re encouraging anyone to go around painting on walls… stay in school, kids.


Anyway, Boyega is knee-deep in filming the next instalment in the Star Wars franchise – this one helmed by director Rian Johnson – although he did find time to go for a little boogie, too.