Nothing to see here, just Benedict Cumberbatch getting “incredibly fit” to play Doctor Strange

It wasn't just about looking good on screen: the superhero movie was a huge physical challenge


Even superheroes have to hit the gym, but Benedict Cumberbatch’s training for Doctor Strange took things to the next level.


In a new behind-the-scenes feature from the 2016 Marvel movie, the cast and crew explain why they are in awe of Cumberbatch’s intense physical training. There’s even a clip of the Sherlock star dropping to the ground to do a few press-ups between shots – who needs downtime?

Executive producer Charles Newirth reveals how the training started well before production began.

“Benedict threw himself into this role, and he went through months of physical training even while he was on stage doing Hamlet to learn to fight and learn how to move,” Newirth says. “We had to say, Benedict, maybe we should let the stuntman do that particular stunt. He has been game for everything.”


“You have to be incredibly fit,” Cumberbatch adds, noting that fight training scenes with Chiwetel Ejiofor could take days to film – and involved taking plenty of knocks.