As widely reported, new Wolverine film Logan won’t have one of the post-credits scenes now so beloved of superhero movies – but it turns out that doesn’t mean there isn’t a tease hidden around the movie at all.


Look away now if you want to completely avoid spoilers about Logan and its attending parts…


Still here? Then you’ll be happy to know that instead of a post-credits tease Logan is pioneering the pre-film tease, showing off a short promo for Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 2 before the main film starts rolling.

In the teaser, which apparently began airing attached to screenings yesterday, Ryan Reynolds’ extremely meta mercenary watches a robbery in action, then rushes to a phonebooth to change into his costume as the strains of John Williams’ Superman theme begin to swell.

Unfortunately, he takes so long to get ready that the victim is already dead by the time he reaches them, leading him to apologise, lie down on the body and start rifling through their groceries.

“You probably wouldn’t be dead if it was Logan,” Deadpool quips. “Guy wears a f***ing tank top and a pair of jeans.”

The tease then cuts to the Deadpool logo and the tagline “Coming….not soon enough.”


The reveal of the footage ends a months-long debate on the role of Deadpool in Logan, after previous reports has suggested the character would appear in the main film itself if not a scene after the credits.

Given Logan’s more serious tone and downbeat ending, it therefore makes more sense that Deadpool-related footage would air before the main film even began, offering the kind of sneak peek superhero fans love (apparently the footage was even directed by new Deadpool 2 director David Leitch, taking over from Tim Miller) without detracting from Logan’s emotional final scenes with its offbeat humour.

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What’s also interesting is that in early showings in the UK (where the film was released before many other territories) there was no sign of such a teaser, suggesting the filmmakers wanted to hold it back and keep it a surprise until it could be seen by a wider audience.

Still, hopefully soon the clip will be viewable online through official channels, and then everyone will get the chance to see it. Who doesn’t love a good tease, after all?


Logan is in cinemas now