It's been over two decades since the first Scream film of the ground-breaking horror franchise was released, and now a brand new instalment is reportedly in production.

Spyglass Productions is working on the fifth film, according to Bloody Disgusting, although it's not yet known what form it will take following the death of creator Wes Craven. Neither do we know whether Craven’s co-creator Kevin Williamson, who worked on the previous four films, is onboard.

The previous film instalments have also featured various recurring characters, including David Arquette, Neve Campbell, and Friends star Courteney Cox, but it's not yet known whether any are signed on for the fifth film.

Campbell, who starred in all three sequels, has previously said that she didn't think a fifth Scream film was on the cards. “I’m not sure they’re going to make it, to be honest," she told Collider. "If that were to come up again and they were to approach me, I’d have a chat with them about it,” she added.

The original 1996 film followed high school student Sidney Prescott (Campbell), who became caught up in a series of killings by a mysterious figure dressed in a "ghostface" Halloween mask. The film was groundbreaking in its dismantling of horror cliches, and its characters' awareness and onscreen discussion of horror film tropes.