Netflix’s Barack Obama biopic “Barry” might make you pre-emptively nostalgic

The first full trailer is here, and features a pretty spot-on impersonation


As US President Barack Obama’s time in the White House comes to an end, it’s easy to feel a little sad or nostalgic that he’s going – and now it seems that Netflix is capitalising on that feeling for their biopic of the Commander-in-Chief, which just released its first full trailer.


Featuring a pitch-perfect impression of young Obama (called “Barry” to his friends) by actor Devon Terrell, the footage also includes some scenes where people talk about how special Obama is while he skillfully deals with racial prejudice, and all in all the film’s looking better than we expected.

With that said, it’s not a patch on the biopic of President-elect Trump, which starred Johnny Depp earlier this year and is definitely the yardstick Barry will have to beat. Fingers crossed.


Barry will be released on Netflix on 16 December